Clarke Hosts the Braille Challenge
Wiggling their fingers, 23 Long Island students in bright yellow T-shirts marched through the halls of W.T. Clarke High School to greet what lay before them — a fun-filled day of intense competition doing what they do best. Audience members cheered as contestants armed with enthusiasm and a hunger for learning competed in the regional Braille Challenge on Saturday.

Celebrating ‘diversity of instruction’ at Clarke
Separate but equal. Echoed throughout the public education school system for decades, this philosophy has denied several students access to educational opportunities based on their perceived differences — from race to physical impairments.

Check your inhibitions at the door at this Lower East Side lounge. Enter through a plastic strip curtain to a ’70s-inspired rockfest. Upon entering the lounge, I was greeted by the sounds of a live alternative band. The energy of a diverse 20-something crowd was contagious as they yelled, “Encore!” The decor resembles an industrial factory with tin-foiled walls, exposed pipes and vintage leather couches. In the basement, the floors were marked up by Craigslist personal ads while a DJ spun disco and techno. It’s not your typical upscale lounge, and it’s anything but boring.

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Passing the Torch to the Next Generation of Women Leaders
Jericho, NY – September 24, 2009–  “You must lead by example” is the message Lillian McCormick, co-founder of Women on the Job, has for the next generation of female leaders.  As a tribute to the women who laid the foundation for gender equality in the workplace, The Long Island Fund for Women & Girls (LIFWG) will present its first-ever “Charlotte Shapiro/Lillian McCormick Young Leadership Award” at the Women Achievers Against the Odds Breakfast on October 15th at the Crest Hollow Country Club.

The Beauty Industry Gets a Digital Makeover
New York, NY – January 1, 2011 – The beauty industry goes digital with the beta launch of Beauty Bee, an interactive marketplace that connects emerging and established beauty businesses with consumers and professionals.  Combining social media tools with an online job board, the site provides beauty brands with an innovative channel to engage customers, increase brand awareness, and recruit talented professionals.

Crossing Cultural Color Lines in The Name of Fashion
Andorra– February 22, 2011 – BILOTE couture, an online boutique for African-inspired designs, has announced today its plans to launch a new handbag and boot collection.  Merging culture and art with high-quality style, the line aims to bridge the gap between African culture and mainstream fashion.


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