“I hired Tasha to write some material for me and was so pleased that I asked her to work on another project, I’m a writer myself, and so I set very high standards when I work with other writers and editors. Tasha is professional and completes the work on time. I’m very happy to refer her to others.”
–Deborah A. Bailey, Founder
Deb Bailey Coaching

“Tasha delivered the project (web content for a coaching business) in a very professional and timely manner. The content produced by her hit the ideas I had perfectly and she exceeded my expectation of how it can address customer needs in a professional yet personal language. I am delighted with her work and I am looking forward to continuing to work with Tasha on future business related projects. Great work!”
Anna Krups, Founder
Stepping Up Coaching

I liked working with Tasha so much that once we completed the first project I called her a couple of weeks later for the next. She has a strong passion for writing which is reflected in her work. Tasha is hardworking, passionate, and professional. All my projects were timely and on schedule.
–Tylesha Dobson, Founder
Butterfly Effects, LLC

“Fantastic work! The quality of the e-newsletter exceeded my expectations and the articles/material are in touch with our company philosophy and where we are headed!”
Dr. Maika C. Henry Northrop ND, Founder
Total Sensory Anti-aging & Rejuvenation Center

“Tasha did an excellent job. No rewrites needed – she nailed it the first time.”
Lesli Lord, Executive Director
Premier Oncology Hematology Management Society

“Tasha worked on a mission critical assignment for me where her skill would a significant difference in the outcome of the project. From the very beginning, Tasha took the lead and proposed that we restructure the original project schedule in order to gain better alignment with her professional schedule and requirements. The schedule was realigned without compromising the original goals and then she just provided superb value and met the project deadlines with time to spare. Tasha was also willing to provide additional value that was outside of the original scope of the agreement.

Tasha is extremely professional and will only commit to what she can deliver. She delivers what she promises, and will not sacrifice her customers objectives for individual goals. It was a pleasure to work with Tasha, and I will definitely look for Tasha on future project where her skills are required to make the project succeed.”
Samuel Bethea, Author