E-Commerce Product Descriptions

Exotic meets tradition with this African-inspired print handbag. The rich cream and honeyed tones are offset by a dark brown, leather exterior, resembling the beautiful golden stretches of the Sahara Desert. Glossy brass rings swing from two sturdy leather handles to add a luminous contrast. Features fully lined inner pockets to keep your unmentionables discreetly tucked away, yet quickly within reach. A roomy cell phone compartment completes the bag’s form and function appeal.

African kente print fabric and cocoa brown leather converge to create a tantalizing feast for the eyes. Blue, gold and green tones set in a mosaic of geometric shapes sweep across the front, adding a contemporary twist to its rich, ethnic design. The lined interior is divided into two sections, so you can easily transition from day to night. Inner pockets and a cell phone compartment keep items safely in place.

Black and white hand-woven mud cloth from Mali drapes across the forefront and upper of these sultry knee-high, charcoal black leather boots. Its simple, yet sleek silhouette makes it the perfect addition to any dress wardrobe. Stylish, rounded toe and 3 ½” inch heel completes the dramatic look.

Be the center of conversation …without saying a word. Genuine black leather knee boots with elegant rounded toe speaks volumes of sophistication and glamour. Black mud cloth textile design from Mali gracefully shapes the forefront and upper for a festive look. Simple, sleek silhouette and pull-on design make boots a versatile and fashionable choice for any occasion.

Tooled of fine dark brown leather, hand-woven black and white mud cloth from Mali brings an African flair to the handbag’s elegant design. The combination of black and white speaks simplicity and sophistication, making it the perfect complement to the “little black dress.” Versatile and functional, the bag is divided into two roomy sections to store multiple items. Inner pockets and a cell phone compartment are neatly nestled inside to keep small items in place such as keys, credit cards, and loose change.

Handmade, African-inspired earrings lure onlookers with its delicate details and captivating, ethnic design. Bone-colored oval wooden beads are offset with a matrix of dark brown markings, resembling miniature tribal masks.  Earrings are hypoallergenic to accommodate nickel allergies in most individuals.

Shimmering, ice blue resin beads cascade from metal rings in this handcrafted design.  Gold tone cylinder accents gracefully hug the sides for a stunning arrangement of contrasting hues.  Earrings are hypoallergenic and suitable for most individuals with a nickel allergy.

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