How to Have Subscribers Salivating Over Your Email Newsletter

Are you struggling to gain the attention of your email subscribers? Every month you write your heart out, yet when you check the statistics report you realize only a handful of subscribers have opened your newsletter.

It can be tempting to eliminate email campaigns altogether. After all, with the increasing popularity of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook it would appear that email marketing has run its course–or so you thought. In April 2012, the technology market research firm Radicati Group Inc. released their annual Email Statistics Report 2012-2016, which revealed the prevalence of email use in 2012 and years to come.

Here are some of their findings:

  • The number of email accounts is expected to increase from 3.3 billion in 2012 to more than 430 billion by the end of 2016.
  • Nearly 350 million emails will be sent by the end of this year.

There’s no question that email is here to stay, but with so many messages how can you ensure your email newsletter is picked from among the crowd?

Follow these five tips to keep your content fresh and juicy.

  1. Grab email subscribers by the throat with a captivating headline. You only have 60 seconds to snag the attention of your subscribers, so make your subject line pop. It should appeal to their emotions: frustrations, desires, or simply their curiosity. Let’s examine further. Have you ever found yourself being drawn to a particular magazine or book title? You’re standing in line waiting to pay for your items at the supermarket when suddenly a magazine headline snatches you by the eyeballs and you can’t pull away. With countless titles to choose from, only a chosen few publications actually drive you to read or purchase their content. Apply this same philosophy to your email newsletter.
  2. Make customers partners in your business.Seize opportunities to engage clients in the daily happenings of your company. Tell them about how you saved a client money, or make a note of problems they’re experiencing and offer a solution. For instance, if you’re a fitness professional and you notice clients are suffering from a lack of motivation, include a list of tips to help them get motivated and supplement it with a coupon for an additional personal training session. People love to offer their opinion, so invite clients to give you their feedback on a new product you’ve launched or a service you’d like to provide in the future. The idea is to make clients feel as if they’re stakeholders in your venture and that there will be a return on their investment. Furthermore, creating a dialogue between you and your clients will allow you to better anticipate their needs.
  3. Set up Google alerts to stay in the know.A Google alert is a great tool for staying on top of industry and client trends. You simply enter the relevant search terms, and it will deliver interesting articles, blog postings and news related to your business directly to your inbox. You can also key in the names of current clients or prospects you’re looking to do business with. When you come across their name in a news story or find an article of interest, you can happily pass this information along. Not only is this a good way to stay in touch with current clients, but it’s also an excellent strategy for researching new business opportunities.
  4. Create a theme for each issue. If you’re a health or wellness professional and it’s January, you might create a theme related to keeping New Year’s resolutions or weight loss. If you’re a life coach and it’s spring, your theme might consist of how to successfully implement change. Once you’ve established the topic of your newsletter, introduce relevant products that your subscribers would find helpful. Going back to the New Year’s theme, you could inform them of specialized weight loss programs or nutritional supplements that you offer.
  5. Keep it conversational.I cannot stress enough the importance of connecting with email subscribers on a personal level. Let your personality shine through. Imagine you’re chatting with your best girlfriend, and bring that same enthusiasm to writing your newsletter.




  1. Great tips. I’m going to forward this to Ang, WOW!’s executive editor. We do a lot with email newsletters! 🙂

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