Her Shelf Life: 3 Must Reads for Women Entrepreneurs Balancing Business and Baby

Some people overindulge in food or chocolate.  I, on the other hand, get my fix from patrolling the aisles of Barnes & Noble for the latest business titles.  I own over 200 books, and as soon as a new book hits the shelf, I’m sprinting to the nearest bookstore.  There are some, however, I give a quick read and toss to the side, and then there are others that I refer to frequently.

Here is a list of my top selections:

1.  The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to Less… in Business and in Life by Leo Babauta

Before reading this book, I’d find myself juggling endless to-do lists and barely making it past the third item.  This book offers an alternative approach to productivity and encourages readers to eliminate multi-tasking and achieve more by doing less.  Its philosophy is simple: Do only what’s important and meaningful.  Sure, checking email or spending countless hours on Twitter is great, but will it enrich your life or help you reach your ultimate goal? Implementing the practices in this book has allowed me to not only declutter my business processes, but also allowed me to experience more fulfillment and personal satisfaction in performing daily tasks.

2.  Peace and Plenty: Finding Your Way to Financial Security by Sarah Ban Breathnach
In this book, Sarah Ban Breathnach travels the ever-winding road of financial obstacles–from job loss, to overspending, to financial codependence.  Coming from a woman who started out with little money, became a multi-millionaire and then lost it all, she helps readers examine their limiting beliefs, gain a new perspective on wealth, and finally make peace with the green stuff.

3.  Tranquilsta: Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play by Kimberly Wilson
Founder of Tranquil Space yoga studio, author Kimberly Wilson offers businesswomen a holistic guide to entrepreneurship, integrating sprinkles of spirituality, green living and community service to  achieve the holy grail that is work-life balance. Every time I need a spark of inspiration or get off track with my goals, I take out this book.  The “Almighty Aspirations” section is particularly useful for goal setting and mapping out a vision for your life or business.


  1. I really liked Sarah’s Simple Abundance books–I didn’t know she lost all her money. What you have made me realize is that I need to read some business books for women. The first book reminds me of that saying that I am trying to implement. . .Work smarter, not longer. Great suggestions!

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