The Beauty Industry Gets a Digital Makeover



New Beauty Network Launches Multimedia Web site to Help Beauty Brands Connect with Consumers and Find Qualified Professionals

 New York, NY – January 1, 2011 – The beauty industry goes digital with the beta launch of (client information removed), an interactive marketplace that connects emerging and established beauty businesses with consumers and professionals.  Combining social media tools with an online job board, the site provides beauty brands with a new, innovative channel to engage customers and increase brand awareness, as well as hire talented professionals.

 (Client information removed) helps beauty businesses move beyond traditional marketing, providing ample opportunities for brand engagement that helps them not only target new customers, but also strengthen brand loyalty.  The social network allows consumers to personalize their shopping experience with features such as an online directory, where they can locate and compare beauty services according to their location and individual beauty needs.  To promote word-of mouth marketing, (client information removed) encourages customers to review and provide feedback on their favorite products and services through an online forum.

 Social media is quickly becoming the driving force behind consumer purchases. According to a 2009 Women and Social Media Study by BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners, 42 million women in America use social media and rely on blogs as the go-to resource to share ideas and get reliable advice.  (Client information removed) is transforming the way the entire beauty industry harnesses social media as the first site to connect beauty companies, customers and professionals – all on one site.

“As an online community that aims to bridge the gap between beauty brands, customers and professionals, we hope to be a catalyst for the growth of the beauty industry as it continues to embrace online channels for product development, hiring and consumer interaction,” says (client information removed). “More and more beauty businesses are going online and our Web site is unique in that it brings the three audiences involved in the retail cycle to one space. By connecting consumers that buy the products and services, to the professionals that serve them, to the companies that hire and manufacture items, we provide users with a trusted beauty resource.”

(Client information removed) targeted approach to recruitment simplifies the hiring process for both employers and job seekers.  Beauty professionals seeking employment can post resumes, upload videos, add images, and include testimonials from previous employers.  These tools give hiring managers more insight into key skills and capabilities that may not be apparent on traditional text resumes, so they can quickly identify candidates who have the necessary skill set for the position.

“As a former hiring professional in the beauty industry, I know firsthand how challenging the hiring process can be, having to use multiple vehicles to find qualified talent,” says (client information removed). “While the Internet is flooded with job recruitment services, few are dedicated to the beauty industry. Our new Web site is a one-stop shop, making it easier and less time-consuming for businesses and beauty professionals to connect.”

Members who join now will receive a free introductory membership for a limited time only. For more information on the services (client information removed) offers, please visit (client information removed).


(client information removed) is the first and only interactive marketplace to connect emerging and established beauty businesses with professionals and consumers. The site is an all-inclusive destination for all things beauty, offering recruitment tools and services, business networking, freelancing opportunities and insider knowledge to industry professionals.





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