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Attn: Women Entrepreneurs
Take Back Control of Your Time and Get Back to Doing What You Love Most
As women entrepreneurs, we have a message we want to get out to the world and have our audiences rally in support of our business.

We’re also women with big dreams — from gracing the cover of a business magazine and giving a TED talk, to buying a luxury home and earning six-figures.

But there’s something in our way.

For many of us, marketing our business can feel like walking a tightrope in stilettos … in our underwear. We hesitate. We feel exposed. We feel downright awkward.

So we avoid it at all costs. In the meantime, dreams get deferred, bills pile up and sales stagnant.

I believe we as women have the power to create our own economy through storytelling. What we say, or don’t say for that matter,has the potential to either set us on the path to personal and financial freedom or keep us caged in the proverbial rat race.

When we allow our creative genius and intuition to rule over logic, we step into our true power as businesswomen.

I’ve stepped into the businesses of women entrepreneurs across the world, helping them create community around their products and services through content. After more than a decade in marketing and sales, I know a thing or two about how to gain your audience’s attention. I’ve also written for various print and online publications, including Newsday, and the East Meadow Herald, so I know how to craft a good sit down, go-grab-all-your-girlfriends story.

My mission is simple: I’m here to help you take that brilliant business idea out of your head that’s been keeping you up at night and translate it into relatable branding content, so you can grow your influence online, without having to constantly “perform” to gain followers.

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